Investing Perfected

Powerful | Easy to use | Automatic.
Effective portfolio management made simple.

Proven Strategies…

The Pragmatic Investor is based first and foremost on Value Investing strategies.

If you want to do well in the stock market, then Value Investing is the only way to go.

Buying great stocks with strong moats when their prices are low provides you with a margin of safety that no other investment strategy can match.

Then the Pragmatic Investor adds proven diversification and allocation algorithms, tried and tested portfolio management strategies and an opportunistic rebalancing method that beats standard calendar rebalancing methods in just about every case.

We’ve created the most effective and convenient investment software to help you easily and more efficiently manage your investments so you can get back to doing the things you love to do in life. It’s simple to understand, easy to use and very effective.

Removes Emotions…

Emotions are an investor’s worst enemy. Succumbing to fear and giving into greed means you buy high, when greed is telling you how much money you’ll make, and sell low, when fear is screaming at you as markets drop.

However markets move up and down — sometimes alot. The only way to know if your investments are sound is if you know what they’re worth.

When great stocks are cheap, buy more. When they’re expensive, sell them. And never, ever, buy bad stocks for any reason (but especially not when the talking heads on TV are touting them).

The only way to consistently beat the market over the long term is to use cold, hard logic based on accurate data and information. Emotions have no place when it comes to investing.

Automates Everything…

Investing correctly requires you to keep track of an enormous  amount of information and data. You could do it manually using a pencil and paper, or try to automate it a little using spreadsheets, but that still means you have to do a lot of work. And anytime you’re using a manual process, human error can creep in.

That’s why the Pragmatic Investor automates all the important pieces for you. It automatically finds the best undervalued stocks with the highest margin of safety, it tells you exactly how to diversify and allocate your portfolio and it continuously checks to see if your portfolio requires rebalancing.

Plus it will manage the volatility in your portfolio and give you explicit, crystal-clear recommendations.

All automatically.

It will even send you an email or text message when something important needs your attention. Now you can enjoy life, spending your time on things you want to do while the Pragmatic Investor continually watches over your portfolio and only interrupts you when you need to make a decision.

Our Difference...

Invest for yourself with unparalleled ease, superior results and lower risk.
That's why investors have been choosing our investment software since 1999.

Pain Free Investing…

Stop paying Wall Street and the big banks high fees to underperform the markets. The Pragmatic Investor gives you the tools you need to immediately start a profitable investing system. We have created a powerful program that gives you complete control over your investments. It continuously monitors your portfolio and provides objective, unbiased recommendations.

Effective and Easy to Use…

Designed from the ground up to be simple to understand and easy to use, the Pragmatic Investor hides complexity behind an intuitive GUI. You’ll use a friendly interface to control all aspects of your portfolio with ease. Find great stocks, diversify, allocate, optimize and rebalance with just a few clicks. It’s an enjoyable experience designed around you instead of technology.

Time Tested…

The Pragmatic Investor is based on the most time-tested investment strategy ever devised: Value Investing. In fact each of its components are based on battle-tested strategies developed by some of the greatest minds in the investing world and used successfully for multiple decades, so you can relax knowing your investments are being managed by only the very best, top-notch strategies.

Always Know What to do Next…

The Pragmatic Investor actively monitors and manages your investments using proven strategies designed to maximize your returns and minimize your risk. It makes use of the latest technology to implement a long term Value Investing strategy tailored to your risk tolerance. You’ll never again get caught wondering what to do when the markets are turbulent.

Set it and Forget it…

Using the Pragmatic Investor means you no longer have to constantly watch the ticker. No more seat-of-the-pants, gut-feeling investment strategies or handing your money over to Wall Street or the big banks and paying them large fees only to underperform the markets. Plus you’ll manage your investments in just minutes a week.

Specific Recommendations…

The Pragmatic Investor will tell you exactly what to buy and when to sell as well as how to diversify and allocate your investments. It will let you know when the quality of stocks you own deteriorate, when your portfolio allocations have drifted and need to be rebalanced and when better stocks become available with similar characteristics to the ones you hold.  What’s more, you retain complete control over the equities that go into your portfolio.

Innovative Technology...

Securely manage your investments anytime, anywhere and from any device
using the latest in proven cloud technology.

Based on the
Pragmatic Investor Book…

The Pragmatic Investor software implements the strategies and methods in the Pragmatic Investor book. The book itself is based on the Value Investing strategies used by super-investors such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Walter Schloss.

Plus it adds proven methods to diversify, allocate and rebalance developed by the giants of the investment world: Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe, John Maynard Keynes, Philip Fisher and Pat Dorsey to name just a few.

Once you read the book you’ll understand the power of these strategies and realize how the software can help you to automate all the important pieces.

Sign up and Receive a
Free Copy of the Book…

When you sign up for the Pragmatic Investor software you’ll receive a free copy of the Pragmatic Investor Digital Book. It explains, in plain English, precisely what you need to do in order to invest successfully in the stock market so you won’t have to fumble around trying to apply vague high-level concepts.

You can use the book by itself to implement a solid, end-to-end investment plan without using the software. However once you see how the software automates all the necessary steps described in the book, you’ll want to use the software.

You can also purchase the book separately to get an idea of why this investment strategy is so powerful. It’s an inexpensive way to learn exactly how to create super-portfolios built for the long term.

Start Making Objective
Investment Decisions…

If you want to do well in the stock market you need to base your investment decisions on accurate data and solid, logical strategies. You need to stop investing with your emotions and you need to start reacting to what the market does rather than trying to predict what it will do.

The Pragmatic Investor gives you everything you need to be successful in the stock market. Read the book, implement the strategies and then sit back while your wealth grows without you having to actively work for it.

Complete End-To-End Portfolio Management...

Find great stocks. Diversify. Optimize. Manage risk. Rebalance. All Automatically.

Investing Perfected

Powerful | Easy to use | Automatic.
Effective portfolio management made simple.

Innovative Technology...

Securely manage your investments anytime, anywhere and from any device
using the latest in proven cloud technology.

Our Difference...

Invest for yourself with unparalleled ease, superior results and lower risk.
That's why investors have been choosing our investment software since 1999.

Find Great Stocks

Finding great stocks starts by looking at a company’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. These financial reports can give a good indication of the company’s health, its viability and its risks. Once you have the data, you then have to analyze the numbers to determine whether the company is solid or not.

But knowing a company’s fundamentals isn’t everything. You also need to determine its value and then purchase it at a sufficient discount to ensure you obtain an acceptable margin of safety.

With more than 8,000 stocks trading on just U.S. exchanges you might be thinking that’s a lot of work. And you’d be right. More than 24,000 financial statements!

Fortunately the Pragmatic Investor does the heavy lifting for you. With one click the Pragmatic Investor analyzes and values all stocks trading on major U.S. exchanges. Then it lists and filters them according to your criteria — ready for you to add to your portfolio.

Effectively Diversify

Diversification is a key to achieving better returns and lowering risk in the stock market. Unfortunately not many investors know how to do it properly.

Many think holding a large number of stocks makes them diversified. That’s not necessarily the case. Holding a large number of stocks that behave the same way (for example, holding 50 gold producing companies) can be fatal for you and your portfolio.

A properly diversified portfolio contains equities that behave differently (the mathematical term for this is they have low correlations between them).

Of course calculating correlations for even a few stocks is a messy, error-prone affair.

Happily the Pragmatic Investor does it all for you, automatically. Simply select fundamentally strong stocks with low correlations amongst them and you’re instantly diversified.

Efficiently Allocate Assets

Once your portfolio is sufficiently diversified the next step is to allocate funds amongst your holdings. Simply putting an equal amount into each holding can work, but in many cases optimizing the allocations work better. The Pragmatic Investor uses the Sharpe Ratio as its primary mechanism for optimizing portfolios and efficiently allocating funds between your set of diversified holdings.

It’s very important to diversify and allocate correctly because the rebalancing step uses these results to minimize risk and enforce buying low and selling high.

The fact is, most investors don’t diversify properly nor do they efficiently allocate their funds and therefore miss out on higher returns and open themselves to what should be avoidable risk.

Even one or two extra percent per year over the long term can translate into millions of dollars in your pocket.

Automatically Manage Your Portfolio with just a Few Clicks

The Pragmatic Investor’s user interface was designed and built from the ground up to be simple and easy to use.

Everything is laid out in an easy-to-read, intuitive manner.

With one click you can analyze over 8,000 stocks and rank them by fundamental rating and moat strength. Another few clicks allow you to diversify and allocate.

Set some configuration settings and the Pragmatic Investor will continually monitor your portfolio and alert you, via email or text message if you prefer, when the quality of your holdings decrease, if you need to rebalance or if there are similar stocks available at better prices than what you currently own (plus it will alert you to a host of other things if you want).

You also have access to histories, charts, graphs, reports and much more. High quality investing just doesn’t get easier or better than this.

Easily Rebalance the Instant You Need to with Opportunistic Rebalancing

Rebalancing your portfolio is essential to its health yet not many people do it. And those that do most likely do it incorrectly. The simple fact is, rebalancing forces you to buy low and sell high. It removes emotion from your decisions and ensures you’re doing the right thing over the long term.

The problem is most rebalancing methods simply pick a date on the calendar and rebalance on that day (even professional money managers tend to do it this way). And while this method is better than not rebalancing at all, it’s far better to rebalance as soon as your portfolio drifts out of balance.

There are a few rebalancing algorithms that try to accomplish this but perhaps the best one is called Opportunistic Rebalancing. Studies have shown it not only controls risk really well but also provides better returns by capturing more buy low and sell high opportunities.

As such, the Pragmatic Investor uses Opportunistic Rebalancing. It constantly watches your portfolio and as soon as it drifts out of balance, calculates the best way to get back to the initial allocations.

Receive Precise, Objective Recommendations

The Pragmatic Investor uses tested algorithms that have been proven to work over many decades. It doesn’t fall prey to human biases and doesn’t succumb to emotions.

It uses cool, calculated logic to analyze accurate data in order to reach its conclusions. This means you receive precise, logical, untainted and objective recommendations.

Even when markets are volatile and people are panicking or greedy, the Pragmatic Investor steps through its algorithms to give you an advantage over others who are buying and selling based on emotions.

If you’re tired of investing with your emotions and want to invest using a proven strategy, the Pragmatic Investor is for you.

What Pragmatic Investor Readers are Saying…

"I just read the Pragmatic Investor and am really impressed. Since I started investing, the majority of hype is for trend, momentum and technical analysis… This always intuitively seemed like smoke and mirrors to me, but what a breath of fresh air when you hear that investing in a company that makes money and has good fundamentals is the real way to go."

− John Whitworth, Michigan

"This is by far THE best customer service I have ever received. You have a winning formula of technology coupled with a real caring touch."

− R. Robson, North Carolina

"You have put together a great product for us folks who are tired of the hype and garbage that is being promoted in the investment world."

− Robert Gardella

"After I purchased the companies using the Pragmatic Investor’s methods I got a return of 48%"

− Maurice Manley Sr.

"I want to thank you for being prompt in answering my questions. I have contacted your company twice and on both occasions your replies have been fast and useful. This is unusual for most companies and very helpful. Keep it up!"

− Pam Fearon, Florida