We started selling investment software in August of 1999 and have been helping investors grow their wealth in the stock market ever since – through bull markets, bear markets and markets that went sideways.

We got where we are by working hard, providing quality software that does what it’s supposed to do and putting our customers first.

Early on it became apparent we were doing far more than just selling software. We realized we were helping investors create their dreams and ensuring their investments were being managed in the best possible way because that’s what we wanted for ourselves. We’re investors first and foremost. We look for ways to automate the tedious, error-prone pieces in order to build wealth in an effective and efficient manner.

So we create software that we like to use and treat people the way we like to be treated.

Over the years we’ve seen the same investors come back and purchase new software from us, give us feedback that we incorporate into new products and tell us how happy they’ve been using our programs.

Our goal is simple: we explain what our products will and will not do in an honest, straightforward manner and we treat our customers right each and every time they interact with us.

Come join us and start putting your investments in order. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line using the handy form below.


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