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The Pragmatic Investor contains all the time-saving tools you need to properly manage your investments: accurate data on more than 8,000 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges, 24/7/365 secure access from anywhere you have an internet connection, automatic emails or text messages when action is required plus fanatical customer support.

And since the Pragmatic Investor is based on the time-tested and proven Value Investing strategy, you can be confident it will just work by increasing your returns and minimizing your risk – as it has for many others over many years.

The Pragmatic investor puts all your investment information at your fingertips so you can see, at a glance using the simple dashboard, where you stand and what actions you may need to take.

It allows you to  manage your portfolio in a simple and efficient manner with everything you need in the cloud.

Now you can manage your investments automatically from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. And your data is completely secure even if your device is lost or stolen.

Move to the next level of automated investment management with the latest technology based on proven, old-fashioned investment strategies.

We’ve been providing investment software since 1999 so you can be confident we have the experience and knowledge to deliver software that can help you invest properly with unparalleled ease.

About Mark Hing

Mark Hing is President of Aptus Communications Inc., a software and consulting company that specializes in bringing proven investment strategies and methods to individual investors. He has published numerous articles, taught at colleges and large corporations, presented papers at a variety of technical conferences and been the editor of a monthly technology magazine called, "Computer Sense." He is also the author of, "The Pragmatic Investor," book.

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