Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Automatic and Effective Portfolio Management made Simple

Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Automatic and Effective Portfolio Management made Simple

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The Pragmatic Investor is cloud-based software that manages your investments for you.

It combines the expertise of proven investing leaders who have successfully invested over decades and encapsulates their wisdom into an easy-to-use, unemotional and objective program that simplifies what you need to do to take advantage of proven investing research.

It enables you to quickly create robust portfolios tailored to your specific risk tolerance.

The Pragmatic Investor can help you construct the right portfolio individualized just for you to maximize your returns and minimize your risk given your personality and tolerance for risk.

Many people find they don’t want to simply hand over their investments to a third party but they don’t have the time to manage their portfolios correctly. Others know they should be investing but don’t know how. They find it difficult to navigate all the stock market information on the Internet and sift through the garbage in order to discover the gems.

Even if they do manage to find a solid investment plan and go through the myriad steps necessary to set it up, they find it exhausting to continually manage their portfolios – checking to see if the quality of stocks they hold have deteriorated, whether they need to rebalance and countless other actions that should be performed to ensure their investments are always efficiently working for them.

Plus it’s scary to just jump into an investment strategy without truly understanding it or knowing how it has performed in the past.

The Pragmatic Investor solves all these problems and many more.

The Pragmatic Investor will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up your portfolio. Then it will manage all aspects for you automatically. When a change is required it will give you clear, explicit recommendations about what you need to do. It can even email you or send you a text message so you don’t have to continually check to see whether there is an action waiting for you to perform.

The Pragmatic Investor was designed to give you high-quality, top-notch investment management guidance and make your life simpler by automatically monitoring and managing your investment portfolio at a fraction of the cost (both in time and money) of what you’re most likely doing today.

The Pragmatic Investor’s methodology is based on rigorously researched algorithms created by some of the best investors who have ever lived, investors such as Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham plus researchers such as Edwin Elton, Martin Gruber, William Sharpe, Harry Markowitz and others.

It includes all the steps necessary to create and continually manage a strong, less risky investment portfolio. The Pragmatic Investor will find robust, undervalued stocks with strong moats, then it will show you exactly how to effectively diversify and allocate your funds, manage risk and rebalance when necessary.

With the Pragmatic Investor you will understand your risk preferences as well as the psychological biases that cause most investors to increase their risks and lose money in the stock market.

Read through the information on this site to get a better understanding of what the Pragmatic Investor can do for you. And if you really want to get an in-depth understanding of why you need to invest the Pragmatic Investor way, you’ll want to read The Pragmatic Investor book (available in PDF and paperback editions).

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