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There are many different types of Stock Investing Software, but most don’t work. That’s the simple truth.

Investing software packages that actually work are few and far between. If you’re going to use software to help you invest your hard-earned money, then ensure you choose a package that is based on proven techniques and describes exactly how it works in complete detail.

Stay away from black-box, proprietary systems. Investing is not a game or a way to get rich overnight. And while it certainly does have the power to change your life for the better, your results are directly correlated with how much you know and the quality of the tools you use.

So ensure you’re only using the best of the best.

About Mark Hing

Mark Hing is President of Aptus Communications Inc., a software and consulting company that specializes in bringing proven investment strategies and methods to individual investors. He has published numerous articles, taught at colleges and large corporations, presented papers at a variety of technical conferences and been the editor of a monthly technology magazine called, "Computer Sense." He is also the author of, "The Pragmatic Investor," book.

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