Innovative Cloud Technology

Innovative Cloud Technology

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The Pragmatic Investor is a cloud-based program that uses the very best cloud technologies to enable you to invest correctly whether you’re using a PC, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.

Most investors don’t give much thought to the technology that drives their investment software and that’s okay. After all, using software is about getting results rather than getting bogged down in a world of bits and bytes.

But although the underlying technology is complex, the Pragmatic Investor insulates you from ever having to know what’s going on beneath the covers. You simply concentrate on quickly and easily managing your investments.

However we believe that in order to give our users a smooth and seamless experience, we must implement powerful, state-of-the-art technology. So we are relentless in ensuring the Pragmatic Investor makes use of the very best, proven and robust technologies in existence.

Technologies that allow you to securely access your investments anytime, anywhere and from any device with a modern browser. Technologies that automate just about everything and can contact you via email or text messaging when necessary. And technologies that seamlessly retrieve and process millions of data points reliably, quickly and invisibly behind the scenes.

We see our software as a modern assistant that’s available at all times, eliminates human error and does everything that’s required far, far faster than even an army of human assistants could.

Our technology also ensures you’re always using the latest updates without having to lift a finger. Everything is automatic and works in a synergistic fashion  to provide you with the perfect balance of performance, reliability and results.

About Mark Hing

Mark Hing is President of Aptus Communications Inc., a software and consulting company that specializes in bringing proven investment strategies and methods to individual investors. He has published numerous articles, taught at colleges and large corporations, presented papers at a variety of technical conferences and been the editor of a monthly technology magazine called, "Computer Sense." He is also the author of, "The Pragmatic Investor," book.

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