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The Pragmatic Investor Paperback Book by Mark Hing.

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The Pragmatic Investor is the answer to one of your biggest concerns in life. Today, relying on a government pension to fund your retirement or believing Wall Street has your best interests at heart is taking a big financial risk.

The Pragmatic Investor explains what everyone ought to know about investing in plain English. Inside you’ll learn how to find the very best stocks currently on the market, determine the right price at which to buy so you have a healthy built-in Margin of Safety, decide when your stocks become overvalued so you know exactly when to sell and diversify, optimize and rebalance your portfolio using proven, tried-and-tested strategies.

The Pragmatic Investor will also deepen your understanding of how to invest correctly so you can create more profitable portfolios with less risk.

If you currently own stocks and are looking to improve your portfolio or if you plan on investing in the near future, the Pragmatic investor is for you.

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