The Pragmatic Investor is Available for One Low Flat Monthly Fee Regardless of Your Account Size.

Most funds and wealth management firms charge you a percentage of your portfolio’s value. The larger your portfolio, the more you pay. We don’t think that’s fair.

The Pragmatic Investor charges you one low, flat monthly fee no matter how much your portfolio is worth. You can cancel at anytime. And if you sign up for an annual plan you’ll receive an instant 25% discount.

Your Pragmatic Investor membership includes:

  • 24/7/365 secure access to your Pragmatic Investor account.
  • Access to fundamentals data on over 8,000 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges.
  • Email and text message alerts (if you want them).
  • Automatic secure backup of your data.
  • Seamless software updates and upgrades (once they’re released you receive them automatically the next time you login — there’s nothing for you to do).
  • No hidden fees (note that you are responsible for trading commissions using your own brokerage account).
  • Plus much more.

We think it’s a simpler and fairer way to invest compared to the expensive model Wall Street and the big banks currently use.